A Fit-For-Life Celebration!
A SIZZLER Exercise Class!

Yes! A 4th of July, 2002 Party!

Beautiful People @ White Rock Althletic Club!
Celebrating with guests, exercise, refreshment, prizes and awards!
All in the Spirit of the occasion, hosted by DELIA & CHERRYL.

We felt a special sense of honor toward flag and country,
this first 4th of July after 9/11/01,
remembering the countless heroes and the losses
of all our battles for FREEDOM from the days before July 4, 1776, till now!

We give thanks for sacrifices made that we might enjoy our lives now.
We give thanks to the God in whom our nation's founders trusted,
and for this country which allows us to worship Him in different ways...
or even, not at all! For everyday struggles to preserve this way of life.

We must pause to think of all that, to keep those values in clear view.
It is real freedom.
The most real freedom upon this planet.
Its preservation is in our hands.

It is worth protecting. It is worth defending.

We resisted suppression. We resisted threats to freedom - again and again.
We are not infallible. We aren't required to be.
But we are true, we are honorable. We endeavor. We care.
These are our greatest strengths.
We must never become like the oppressors we have faced.
We must not trade in our hearts for those kinds of cruelty.

We abhor and resist the viciousness, the ugliness of terrorism and fanaticism
which imposes the will of the few over the many.
We seek only to protect the freedom and human rights
for which our forefathers stood,
and for which we stand - - !
It is our sacred trust. We will!

AMERICA rises out of WTC's ashes to TRIUMPH once again!

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