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MUSIC: Stars and Stripes Forever



To make this great occasion come alive with joy and meaning,
Delia, our aerobics instructor at White Rock Althetic Club,
asked the group to wear red, white and blue for the July 3rd class.

She led in it with a most festive and patriotic exercise costume!

Costumes are among my favorite things, too
so we got into the spirit of it!

The class gathered outside the door just before time,
while the previous class was disbanding.
We signed in, getting name tags and greeting each other.

Quickly we gathered our mats and weights, found our apots
- preparing to exercise!

YES! - we really did our workout!

Delia believes in keeping the momentum going!
Normally, this is an hour of constant working out.
You may notice it is not a class comprised mainly of "hard bodies".
We're given a little slack, but not too much!

I was doing the exercises and grabbing my camera whenever I could.
I'm actually where the flashes are on the mirror!

I was mostly able to get shots when we were doing exercises
down on the mats ...which were not very many!

Aha! It's now July 5th and another member of the class,
brought her pictures of the event and let me scan them!
So - there are more of our workout and little ceremony!
Thank you, Annette!

There I am - of course, a little out of sync!
I'm the one just about in the middle of these pictures above and below -
still managing to keep my Statue of Liberty tiara on!

All during the vigorous workout,
with the 4th feasting in the works,
Delia's suggesting that we're preparing to better enjoy it!

Delicious traditional foods are mentioned frequently...
In fact - names of dishes are shouted out!
From B-B-Q to watermelon and home-made ice-cream!

Her music for this session was rousing, too.
She prepared a tape of great patriotic songs and marches...Perfect!

Um-hum...I'm on the wrong foot!
The day I stay in step - I'll have "arrived"!

George is usually located in the back row -
I like up-front so I can TRY to mimic Delia's moves.
When I miss a beat, George claims it gets him off-beat too!

It's too bad we didn't get a picture of our vigorous can-can line!
Because, in the mirrors, we looked quite spectacular!
Great workout, too!

(Not sure how the can-can music got in there -
-perhaps because the Statue of Liberty was acquired from France!)

While editing the pictures, I discovered myself
caught in a mirror, snapping another picture here.

After our cool-down, Delia led us in a salute to the flag!

I'm the one almost directly under the flag here.

It was wonderful to be among people who love our country and
who respect the flag which represents
her relatively short history and her struggles and triumphs.

America is still sort of a teenager.

What receptive arms she's offered to strangers!
What generous and willing help she's given
to other countries and peoples.
Perfect? No......

But what a heart!

I America!

After the flag ceremony, there was another presentation.
And WE were named "King" and "Queen"
and awarded certificates for our costumes!

Then there were even cupcakes! A real party!

A little furry mascot
sang and danced for us!

Thank you, Delia! That was the greatest!



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