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  • Introductions: BEGIN - Meet the folks at the GTG.
  • Grand Village: COURTYARD - Charming place.
  • Hard-Luck Diner: LUNCH - Ambience and Live Entertainment.
  • Dinner Cruise: DINNER (1) - (2) - (3) - Aboard the Branson Queen on Lake Taneycomo.
  • Later at the KOA: REHEARSAL - practising karaoke & arranging the Pavillion


  • At the Pavillion: SETUP - Setting up for the day's events. . .
  • Skit: INTRO - (Act 1) - (Act 2) -Little Red Ridinghood - Fantastic little skit - MsJean's creation.
  • Thank you: TOKEN OF APPRECIATION! - Gift for MsJean.
  • Picnic Lunch: FABULOUS FOOD! - Superbly prepared/provided by Jayne & Darrel.
  • Entertainment: RAW TALENT! (1) - (2) - (3) - lovingly provided by us for us!
  • Showtime: PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINERS!(1) - (2) - Andy Williams-Glen Campbell Show!
  • After the Show: AFTER THE SHOW - Back at Jayne & Darrel's for dessert!


  • Breakfast: BREAKFAST BUFFET! - At a famous BAR-B-Q Restaurant.
  • Sunday Afternoon: SHOPPING & LAMBERT'S! - Restaurant- Home of "Throwed Rolls".
  • Evening: NICENESS! - Back at the KOA - lounging, walking, swinging!
  • Closing: CAMPFIRE WIND-DOWN! - Around the campfire - the end of the get-together!

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