MUSIC: Love In the First Degree


What a cute diner. . . lots of atmosphere!

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- -
George holds the door for us . . .we file in and are shown a lovely table.

- -
We ponder over the menus - it all looks so yummy. . .

The meal was good! And the entertainment - wow!

You see, the waiters and waitresses provide it!
During lunch, we heard some really good music performed!
Here is our waitress singing especially for Darrel - and for George!
The onlookers enjoy it almost as much!

So it was all well worth the wait getting into the Diner!

We were pleasantly stuffed!

But now we had to begin to think of our evening event!
We parted to go to our rooms to get ready for
a cruise on the Lake Queen!

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& come along with us on our evening cruise!

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