MUSIC: You've Made Me So Very Happy!

Join us!

Wow! Y-E-S!!

When good friends gather,
something marvelous happens. . .
Well - we did and it did!

Come along and meet some of the folks!

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MsJean (Barbara)

LazyDaisy (Daphina)

Jayne & DD(Darrel)

Darrel's sister, Marilyn & her husband, Bill

Darrel's cousin, Bill & his wife, Shaila

Sheila_Wis & her sister, Lennea


George & I - (I'm Nellita) . . .

You'll share the fun as we continue along recalling it!

It was extra-special, a happy reunion.

Several of us missed attending
the 2001 3rd Annual Branson Get-Together -
for various reasons.
And, yes - I know there is someone we dearly love
who attended this 2002 GTG,
but is not pictured here at this time.
Later, perhaps. . .

In fact, for George and me,
it was uncertain whether or not we could make it
this time, right up till the last minute,
when we hurriedly made reservations at Branson's 7 Gables Inn,
drove the picturesque route to Branson,
and headed straight to the KOA when we arrived,
where we hoped to catch up with the others!
So - - when we drove up to the row of KOA Kabins
(where several of the folks were staying,
nearby the sites of our RV folks)-
it was a big surprise!
Amid hugs and exclamations, we were immediately
whisked up into the activities in progress!
Our various accommodations. . .

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But . . . on with the action!

First thing, we all went to the Hard Luck Diner
in the Grand Village for lunch. . .
The food, the ambience, the entertainment!
Ah! The whole place!

Out in the couryard, waiting to go into the Diner,
George shares the seat with some of the gals. . .
I see Daisy, Lennea & Sheila. . . and. . .
Oh - what a lark!
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Then George and I pose behind the vaudeville cutouts,
like an old-fashioned show-biz poster. . .

More, more! - OK!

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